Partner with DBM -- Become A ONE-Stop-Shop

DBM cares about the quality and results or your marketing...


Would you like to improve your capabilities and increase your margins...with zero extra work?

List brokers who partner with DBM essentially can offer our wholesale services to your existing (and future) clients as your own proprietary In-house DP service.

Now your company can become a ONE-Stop-Shop

When partnering with DBM you can now buy the best lists AND have them coded, combined, de-duped and presorted for the lowest postal rates all IN-HOUSE.

By selling our "White Label" DP Services to your clients you will benefit in two ways immediately:

1) Mark up our wholesale prices 20 to 40 percent and you pocket the extra margin.

2) Doing the DP work in-house makes your job easier to oversee because all your list buys come to you. No more lost emails, No more incorrect quantities. We will give you 100% visibility on every job from List Order thru Mail File Delivery to your client's preferred mail shop.

Larger margins on every sale... with less stress. No more employees and No additional hardware or software.

There is no start-up cost, we will have you up and running in no time.

Call 562-531-6767 to find out how to become a partner with DBM today.