Our Process will help your Mail deliver to the right individual at the lowest cost

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Our Process


1) File loading: We accept data in any format. We visually review every file and make sure the data going in passes our quality control tests.

2) List conversion: We can write custom programs to convert files in any format to a standard USPS format.

3) Address Standardization: We use custom and USPS programs to standardize addresses so that all fields are in their proper location. Contact name, company, Address, City , State, Zip are formatted and confirmed deliverable by the USPS. (CASS)

4) List segmentation and coding: We can segment House and prospect files by any fields or combination of fields and code for response tracking.

5) De-Duping: we can de dup the file giving priority to by source code, filename, or zip code. We can also do any level of de-dup from sounds similar to only an exact match. Address match, family match or any other level of matching your client requires.

6) NCOA:  USPS Change Of Address Processing. We take this very serious. More than 10% of the USA population moves each year. Without NCOA processing that means 10%+ of mail is going in the trash. Pure waste of paper and postage. NCOA processing is very easy and can recover over half of those moves. But, these days about half of "movers" don't file their Change of Address forms with the Post Office. This is a HUGE problem costing direct mailers about $6 Billion a year. The USPS reports the average mailers data is 7.5% to 15% undeliverable. Were commend our clients use our "optional" high-end services to make their mail files as deliverable as possible.

7) Postal Sorting: We then take the final CLEAN database and sort it for any postal discounts the client needs.

8) Optional Services -- Deep Cleaning to maximize list accuracy: We USE every available database to either mark addresses as deliverable, Undeliverable as Addressed (The intended recipient is no longer at that address), or we find the new address. Our in depth cleaning process finds up to 200%more fixable nixies than the standard NCOA processing. We've saved clients as much as 15% waste. This service pays for itself many times over and our best clients never mail without it.

9) Optional USPS mail tracking: We can mark any number of records by BMC for delivery tracking by smart barcode. For peace of mind or to know when to have phone rooms ready--we can track exactly when mailing is "IN-HOME".