Up to 40% of all Consumer moves are not reported to the USPS

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Data Processing


Our Data Processing offers tracking, verifies data and address accuracy, eliminates duplication, corrects information, rejects undeliverable addresses and cleanses data to U.S. Postal Service standards. Mail is pre-sorted to maximize postal discounts. We'll deliver your message to the right individual at the lowest cost. We provide the following services:

Data Preparation CASS™ & PAVE™
Data Conversion to most Standard Formats
Merge/Purge De-dup File(s)
Select by Criteria
Data Entry - Adds or Updates
Output to all Standard Formats.
NCOA (1 to 7 Day Processing)
Zip + Address Correction, CRRT, DPBC Append
Postal Presort + Reports
Custom Data Programming
Shipping Logistic programs for additional postage savings